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Life Coaching
I came to Linda after a long period of being frustrated with a work situation. My job, once a source of energy and pride, had devolved into an uncomfortable environment leaving me drained and unhappy. My discontent spilled into my personal life and even my husband knew I needed a new job, so I reached out to Linda for help. Through her guidance I was able to see what was impeding my progress to action. We developed a personalized plan of steps that I needed to take to get “unstuck.” Linda was an ideal coach—creating an open, collaborative environment to help me identify better strategies for dealing with negative individuals and situations; holding me accountable to commitments I made to others and myself; guiding me with resources to progress my goals; and most importantly, offering honest feedback as obstacles came up on my journey. In a relatively short span of time, I successfully achieved my number one goal of finding a new job; however, even more significantly, through Linda’s coaching, I attained the knowledge and tools to navigate future challenges whether they are career or personal. I am tremendously grateful for Linda’s expertise and highly recommend her life coaching services.
Steve H.
Life Coaching
Linda has made a positive impact in my life by providing guidance and meaningful support in changing my behavior, attitude, and reaction to stressful situations. Through her patience, understanding, and practical suggestions, I have been able to control my anger, be more tolerant, and find inner peace. Linda's method of asking deeply probing questions in a caring manner has helped me to think with clarity and purpose. The results have been remarkable as I have gained patience, reduced volatility, and started the process of building a spiritual tranquility."
Steve H.

9 Ways We Self Sabotage


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