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6-Weeks to Improved Mental Fitness

We know we must exercise our bodies to achieve physical fitness but what about our mental health and mental fitness? Through this unique and proven program, you get to build a strong foundation of mental fitness by strengthening 3 critical mental muscles to shift the balance of power from your inner Saboteurs (your negative self and self-talk) to your inner Sage (your positive self) – the one who you now get to put in the driver’s seat of your life!

How often is your brain Serving you vs. Sabotaging you?

9 Ways We Self Sabotage


Based on Shirzad Chamine’s New York Times Bestseller and Stanford Research.
Research from over 500,000 participants including world class athletes, CEO’s and leaders from Fortune 100 Companies, as well as people like you and me.

Complete the form below to discover what your top Saboteurs are.
Once you know yours, you may choose to enroll in our
Positive Intelligence Program (PQ) to learn how to build a
Strong foundation of improved mental fitness in just 6 powerful weeks!

Please complete the form below to get access to the
PQ Saboteur Assessment and descriptive info on
how each saboteur affects your life.