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Transformational Life Coaching withLinda Mitchell

Intuitive Life Coach

As an intuitive life coach, I’m passionate about helping people connect to their inner wisdom and divine purpose, to inspire them to design their life so they achieve their goals and desires with more Clarity, Ease, Courage, Confidence, Focus, Vitality and JOY!

I help people shift their mindset to create an empowered, more positive, and rewarding life aligned with their highest calling and desires. Through transformational coaching, I teach proven techniques to stop fear and self-sabotage in its tracks, to help people release old limiting patterns and beliefs and empower them to find fulfillment and peace as they transform into their highest, most sacred selves.

I get so much joy out of helping others find theirs! Let’s work together to create the next meaningful and actionable steps in your future filled with ease, flow, abundance and joy.

We are all experiencing challenges and transitions during this “new normal” and life will be different afterward. Will you be ready to optimize your gifts, goals and lifestyle for the better? Life & Success Coaching helps you define and achieve your goals to get the results you want more quickly than working solo because you get the support, clarity, growth and accountability you need to take purposeful and inspired action steps to create meaningful change.

 Coaching empowers anyone feeling stuck, overwhelmed or ready for change to release the struggle, gain clarity, confidence and evolve to your highest potential. You will define, create and step into the life you want with greater ease, confidence and joy. This is perfect for people experiencing change who want to discover and implement ways to find more ease, joy, balance, vitality and abundance as they move through any of life’s challenges, transitions or who have been resisting change and now are ready to reach new or lofty goals. 

I’m offering a free 30 minute breakthrough session to learn more!


• Three, Six and Twelve Month Coaching Packages

• VIP Day Coaching Package (individual and group)

• Virtual and Long Distance Healing Sessions (see toolbox links below for details)

• Meditation Instruction and Guided Meditation Sessions (individual and group)

• Corporate Workshops, Breakout Sessions and Speaking (see speaker page for details)

ALL SERVICES AVAILABLE via phone, Zoom or other internet connection as well as in person  

Unique and challenging times call for a pivot of perspective, no?                              

Are you looking for the gift in the pause?

The Calm in the Chaos?

This pivot made me realize this is a very good time to provide other forms of help and services to you!

Discover a personalized VIRTUAL healing session with me from the menu of choices below OR choose my pre-set session using the most popular options that people have been finding incredibly helpful in stressful times.

Free Strategy Session

Click below for a complementary 30 minute Strategy Session to see how Transformational Coaching can help you truly create the life you want to live!

Three Month Coaching Package

Twice a month personal coaching sessions for you where we will lift you up and help you clear your blocks so you are able to move forward with ease.