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Astrology and NatalChart Guidance

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Through my many years of studying astrology I’ve experienced great joy in helping people create clarity and meaning in their lives - to help them find direction and to support them through empowered and inspired action steps. There is an art and science to Astrology.

I work with people who want to rise above old, negative patterns and beliefs and create positive change for themselves by better understanding their unique gifts and talents, finding the path of ease and flow to create less resistance and more joy, peace and abundance in their lives!

Your personal birth chart is like a map or GPS for your life. It holds the key to your soul’s journey and explores your life, mission and purpose. In your chart, information is revealed regarding relationship patterns, who or what you are attracted to, and why. I help you discover and understand how potential vocations, interests and priorities are all reflected in your astrology birth chart.

I’ve always been fascinated with our Sun, Moon, and all the planets as well as how they affect us as individuals. For me, Astrology came into the picture first as an undercurrent. When appropriate, I would look at my client’s natal astrology chart before working on their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. After years of doing astrology in the backdrop, it started to make its way front and center. It became an integral part of how I best serve my clients.

Now I relish using Astrology as another medium for sharing my diverse experience and knowledge on the topics of multifaceted healing on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and intellectual levels.

I Share This With Those Who Resonate With This Work

I share this with those who resonate with this work, and those who want to understand themselves and their loved ones on a deeper level. I love hearing responses like, “oh my goodness, that makes so much sense- now I get why that happened”. Or, “I always thought this situation was a challenge, but now I see how it’s truly a blessing in my life and a catalyst for exciting growth and opportunity.” Or simply, “this is so cool!”

Most people know their sun sign, but that’s such a tiny and impersonal part of understanding and using astrology to help with things like:


  • where are my best opportunities to make money?
  • where is the luck in my life?
  • when’s the best time to travel?
  • what are my innate gifts and talents?
  • what’s the best career path for me?
  • where will I find challenging relationships and where will I find satisfying, pleasurable ones?
  • when should I ramp things up and when should I stop pushing?
    -and so much more

Astrology helps explain why we feel certain ways and why it’s so different from how others around us perceive the same situation.

Helping others understand their natal chart (where things land in the 12 houses, what it means when you have planets in particular houses, where and when you can find more success and happiness, etc.) even helps them determine the best time to start a new project or business venture. One of my favorite things to do is help you discover who your money ‘superhero’ planet is, and when that planet is most influential so you can experience more abundance, luck and joy.

The list of daily uses go on and on. I share this ancient art to help you make better decisions, make life more fulfilling, easier and more joyful. It may be fun, but it’s also amazing when you discover how to use this knowledge for practical purposes. It’s my pleasure to decode your chart and help answer these questions and many more.

I invite you to allow me to help you learn the importance of using astrology to help you consciously create your world just as you desire it to be. That of course is different for everyone! It’s my great joy to bring this understanding and discovery to you too so you can create and design your world for your highest and best. I’ll help you define and reach your personal and professional goals with more ease, flow and fun- the way life is supposed to be!