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A few free gifts for you!

6-Weeks to Improved Mental Fitness

We know we must exercise our bodies to achieve physical fitness but what about our mental health and mental fitness? Through this unique and proven program, you get to build a strong foundation of mental fitness by strengthening 3 critical mental muscles to shift the balance of power from your inner Saboteurs (your negative self and self-talk) to your inner Sage (your positive self) – the one who you now get to put in the driver’s seat of your life!

How often is your brain Serving you vs. Sabotaging you?

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A 5 Days to Clarity Journey. Your Easy Roadmap to CHANGE.

Meet Transformational Coach
and Reiki Master

Hi, everyone. Linda Mitchell of Living inspired body centered coaching and healing here. I just wanted to pop in and say, I know we’ve all been dealing with so many challenges and changes and transitions during this difficult time.

Many of us are out of work, out of business, experiencing pay cuts, working, virtually, learning how to teach our children from home and dealing with so much more. A lot of struggle related to the pandemic and trying to settle into and figure out what our new norm is going to be, not to mention everything else that’s going on in our country right now.

It’s indeed a difficult, painful and challenging time. But no matter what’s going on in the outside world, in our personal and professional lives, isn’t it true that we’re always in a constant state of flux? Right. So I wanted to bring you some good news and a gift years ago in my work as a transition coach, where it’s been my honor to help so many people through their own challenges, changes and transitions. 

I developed a program that has resurfaced and it’s become really timely again. And so I’m introducing it again. It’s called Five Days to Clarity, your easy roadmap to change, and I’m here to tell you that I’m offering it again to everyone who wants it, and I’m offering it for free.

It’s my way of contributing to the community and giving back in this time of struggle. Many of my clients have used it and loved it that’s helped them get through the changes they were able to make with so much ease and so much Grace and deal with things that they needed to change and things that were kind of plopped into their lap, and they had to deal with. And I felt like the time was right to offer it to anyone, whether or not you’re a client, whether or not we’ve worked together in the past, in any healing capacity, in any way, it doesn’t matter. It just feels like the right thing to do. 

So if I could give you something that would guide you through the change that’s happening in your world and help you adjust to it, become more accepting of it, more comfortable with it, and even thrive, not just survive during this period of change. 

Would that help you? 

If so, this is my gift to you.

This road map to change eases you through this change that you want to make the changes that you’re going through now. It’s really a five day guide that helps you make lasting changes with a lot less stress and struggle. I created this roadmap and the additional gift at the end of the journey. After so many of my clients ask me for something that they could have in writing that they can refer back to, that they could follow to help create the clarity that they desired to reduce the resistance to the change that they were feeling.  

Can you relate? 

We all resist change at some point, right? 

It’s not something that we embrace. Necessarily. Some people do. But most people, really, we’re wired. Our brains are wired to stay in the familiar, in the norm, right?

And so when things are not normal, we’re kind of turned upside down. So I’m happy to share this little nugget of gold with you, too. So look below for the link. Click on it, and it will go directly to you.

No strings attached. No Hoo to jump through. It’s just my gift to you. And I’m sure it really will help you move through the changes that are going on in your life right now.

I hope you take advantage. Thanks and enjoy.

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CONGRATULATIONS on taking the first step towards creating your amazing 2022.

I always say, what we think about comes about. What we focus on expands. If we can imagine it, we can create it! You deserve to give yourself this gift!

I invite you to make a cup of tea, light a candle and set aside a few moments for yourself to design the kind of year you really want to live in 2022.

This playbook is pretty much self-explanatory, but I also know many people can get stuck on certain questions. In order to preempt that outcome, this year I’m offering 2 free 30 minute calls on Zoom where you can ask questions, get guidance and inspiration to move past any blocks so you can complete your playbook and start your year off with all the motivation and inspiration you need!

I will hold the 2 calls on Wednesday 1/12 and Wednesday 1/19 at 7:30 pm (approx 30- 40minutes in duration) For security reasons, simply email me at for the passcode.

First CHOOSE A THEME for your new year…i.e. “It’s Time to Soar” “I’ve got this” “Better than Ever” “Moving Forward Fearlessly” “Reboot and Reclaim” “Obstacles Begone!” etc.

Whatever captures your desires and spirit. Anything goes!

Don’t judge or edit. It doesn’t have to be fancy…just tap into your desires and create a powerful statement that resonates with you.