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Meditation and GuidedVisualization

Meditation classes for groups and individuals

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is like a massage for your brain and nervous system. It creates a wonderful sense of calm, balance and well-being and encourages you to open your heart and listen to your inner wisdom. Remember, the goal of Meditation isn’t to control your thoughts, it’s to keep your thoughts from controlling you!

All the answers are within…but often we’re just not listening. Meditation creates intentional time to put aside the distractions, worries and tasks of life for a short time so you can just BE! We’re human BEings, not human DOings! 

Linda’s approach to meditation classes

When facilitating meditation classes for individuals or groups, I always emphasize this important truth: the goal of meditation isn’t to control your thoughts, it’s to keep your thoughts, emotions, reactions and physical responses from controlling you. 

The practice of individual or group meditation creates a safe space for stillness so we can tune into our body’s innate intelligence. My definition of meditation is: Gentle focused awareness of the present moment without judgement. 

If you find thoughts, ideas, memories, etc. pop in while you’re in meditation, don’t beat yourself up… it’s completely normal. In fact, it just means you have a healthy human brain!  When thoughts interrupt, simply acknowledge that they’re there – I find it helpful to say to myself, “oops, there I go, being human again…” and I refocus on my breath.

Meditation techniques taught in group and individual classes

In meditation class (either private or group) you’ll learn and practice several different techniques so you can find the one or two that you prefer. Meditation is a practice – that’s why it’s important to do it daily. It’s better to do 4-5 minutes of meditation a day rather than 30 minutes once in a while. 

Once you begin to meditate regularly, you’ll find it calms your brain and body. Like me, you’ll probably find you deal much better with all the stress of life.  So many people have told me meditation has changed their life…that’s because it’s true!  You’ll learn simple ways to incorporate meditation into a busy day and you’ll certainly experience  the myriad of benefits by gifting yourself  a few moments a day – you’re worth it!   

Benefits of Guided Visualization

Guided visualization is a bit different from meditation, but equally profound and beneficial.

I believe guided visualization is so vital in helping us achieve our goals and desires that I create a personalized guided visualization for every coaching client to use daily. Some clients use it twice daily because they quickly begin to see and feel the benefits as they more easily manifest their goals and dreams. 

You’ll learn how and why guided visualization is so important and you’ll come away with a strategy that works for you personally. You’ll also practice and learn why it’s important to utilize each of your senses during a guided visualization session.

Meditation and guided visualization go hand in hand and are powerful tools to help you reach your goals and desires much more quickly. Professional athletes use the methods I teach (and use myself!) because they’re proven and powerful. You don’t have to be an Olympic or professional athlete to glean the benefits.