Are you feeling comfortable, safe, and often decide against taking calculated risks?

Let's dissect the act of worrying

Have you fallen into old, comfortable habits and patterns that don’t make waves? If so, it’s likely you’re subconsciously protecting yourself from failure, being hurt or experiencing the embarrassment of trying new things that can’t guarantee success.

 You’re not alone in this but you may be unwittingly robbing yourself of the joy, excitement and inspiration that new experiences offer. If you do what you’ve always done, you’re sure to get what you’ve always gotten. Is this really enough for you?

Let's acknowledge that your comfort zones did serve a purpose early on.

They kept you safe and protected. But the price of clinging to comfort is high. Staying stagnant, missing opportunities, adventures, new relationships and the joy of learning more about yourself, to name a few. Comfort zones are filled with old behaviors, customs, habits and beliefs that existed to help you cope with old issues. It’s unlikely these will help you deal with current day challenges and problems because old beliefs, roles and behaviors rarely serve you well in your current day reality.

I notice that most people who keep themselves cocooned believe that moving out of their comfort zone means they’ll experience suffering, loss or difficulty. I invite you to entertain the idea that this not necessarily true, in fact for most people, this is a false and limiting belief. Imagine what your life would be like if you tried something radically new and actually experienced fun, exhilaration and ease?

Your comfort zone does little to facilitate the growth you desire now; little to properly address current issues problems and challenges and little to help you see new opportunities. Resolve to push onward, blossom, learn and grow! Start small.

One step at a time creates confidence as you move forward, surviving each mini challenge and bolstering the confidence to take yet another small step out of your old comfort zone. Each step becomes easier and creates less and less stress.

If we never take risks, we become complacent and even boring.

We miss out on so much when hiding behind the veil of comfort and familiarity. Willingness to step into the unknown from time to time helps you discover the courage, prowess and spunk you might not even know you possess! You owe it to yourself to expand your old comfort zone in order to discover, embrace and embody each of your unique gifts that would otherwise have remained obscured. 

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About the Author

Linda Mitchell, a Professional Transformational Coach, is the founder of Linda Mitchell Coaching and Healing. She has been coaching and practicing in the healing arts for over 20 years, operating from a deep desire to empower people to move through life’s many challenges and transitions with ease and grace. Her unique “Reinvention Program” helps people reclaim balance, and better health and gain clarity on their next steps in order to define, create and truly live the life they desire.

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