Are you trying to create new experiences or more abundance in your life using the Law of Attraction but it isn't working as expected?

The Universal Law of Attraction (LOA) states that any and all of our thoughts, feelings and emotions, conscious and unconscious, attract similar energy and experiences. Take special note of the word unconscious. It’s a critical detail, often overlooked. If you’re not attracting what you want, stop and check your subconscious feelings, thoughts and expectations. Some people mistakenly assume positive thinking is all it takes to manifest using the LOA. The truth is, the LOA works by aligning with and attracting our deepest feelings, beliefs and expectations.

Perhaps you’ve just interviewed for a job you really want and you proclaim, “I’m going to get that job!” but inside you’re really feeling, “Wow, there are so many candidates better qualified, I’ll never be chosen.” Your positive thinking is counteracted by the truths, feelings and beliefs of your subconscious mind. In this scenario, what you’re really attracting is the energy that aligns with the resistance you’re feeling about your chances of getting hired.

Here's the key — use the Law of Deliberate Creation along with the Law of Attraction to successfully create the change you desire.

It makes all the difference when you understand this important universal law which states: that which you give conscious thought to accompanied with emotion, desire, expectation and belief, you will attract and receive more quickly.

It’s very empowering to understand and act on this principal difference. You can become a deliberate creator by fully understanding this critical missing piece and employing both universal laws together to magnetize the experiences, people and relationships you want into your life.

Sadly, our culture often programs us to focus on lack, scarcity, worry, doubt, annoyances and other negative feelings which activate the LOA in the exact opposite way than we want! Remember, what we focus on expands even if it’s not what we really want!

There are specific ways to shift your energy, mindset, inner landscape and expectations to successfully manifest your desires.

I teach my clients to effectively harness the LOA and the LODC by focusing on how they truly want to feel and finding ways to experience this more often, This is different from positive thinking. As philosopher Neville Goddard says, “It’s not what you want that you attract, you attract what you believe to be true” Clearly your subconscious feelings and beliefs have much more impact than mere words.

What would your experience be like if you learned new tools that encourage you to feel uplifted, expect and create success, joy, love, freedom and peace in your life?

One of the quickest and most effective methods I teach helps people transform their feelings and beliefs by showing them how to expand their successes, amplify their joy and magnify gratitude. Learn some of these tools and you’ll begin feeling empowered, motivated and inspired so you’re able to truly reach your goals with ease and grace

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About the Author

Linda Mitchell, a Professional Transformational Coach, is the founder of Linda Mitchell Coaching and Healing. She has been coaching and practicing in the healing arts for over 20 years, operating from a deep desire to empower people to move through life’s many challenges and transitions with ease and grace. Her unique “Reinvention Program” helps people reclaim balance, and better health and gain clarity on their next steps in order to define, create and truly live the life they desire.

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