Have you ever had an experience where you felt compelled to call someone or take a particular action out of the blue without any logical explanation… and you were so glad you did?

Have you faced a big decision and in a quiet unrelated moment, you suddenly knew exactly what you must do? Ever follow a hunch or an unconscious instinct and later realize it was just the right move? That was your intuition knocking! It’s your higher self communicating with you. When we listen to our intuition, we are hearing the voice of spirit within us. When we are tuned in, we are present to our own inner wisdom; we are inspired or in spirit.

Intuition is a gift.

We all have but sadly, one our western culture rarely nurtures. Most people don’t believe they have an intuitive side or they’re uncomfortable trusting it. Many don’t recognize intuition is at work, unless something quite unusual happens; while others are very connected to their intuition and regularly rely on it for guidance and direction.


There are three components to using our intuition:
acknowledging it, listening to it, and acting on it.

The last one does take some practice, and requires a measure of faith when you’re just beginning to tap in. Don’t give up! The more you tune in, the easier, it will be to sense your inner wisdom, and the better your instincts will become. We can only reap the benefits of our intuition if we trust and act on it.

Perhaps you’ve acted on your intuition, without even knowing it. Here’s evidence that you can trust your intuition, and begin to act on it, more and more:  Think about a time, when you knew exactly what you had to do simply by listening to your body‘s signals. Maybe you’ve experienced a nudge from your intuition in the form of an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach or tightness in your throat that led you to make a certain decision. Have you ever been guided to do or not do something and it turned out to be the best choice? Don’t shrug off these feelings and signals as illogical or nonsensical. This is your intuition knocking at the seat of your soul.

Intuition is the process that allows us to know something directly without using reasoning or analysis.

. It’s a direct link to how we feel beneath the layers of logic. I’m not suggesting you toss the idea of rational thinking out the window, I’m simply suggesting you’ll make better decisions with greater ease and confidence if you invite your intuition to help guide you. Logic lives in the left side of your brain while intuition lives in the right side. Why not use both sides of this amazing organ called your brain?

Strive for balance between logical, conscious choices, and intuitive, unconscious nudges. Intuition bridges the gap between the conscious and the unconscious parts of our brain; between instinct and reason. If you allow it, your intuition can be a trusted, confidant and a calming influence in times of challenge, transition or difficult choices. Of course it can even be called on in the simple, joyful moments of life as well. Begin practicing using your intuition with the simple, non-critical choices and see how beautifully the process works. whether you believe it or not right now, you’ll come to learn that you indeed have the gift of intuition. The more you use it the more you’ll be convinced.

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About the Author

Linda Mitchell, a Professional Transformational Coach, is the founder of LIVING INSPIRED Coaching. She has been coaching and practicing in the healing arts for over 20 years, operating from a deep desire to empower people to move through life’s many challenges and transitions with ease and grace. Her unique “Reinvention Program” helps people reclaim balance, and better health and gain clarity on their next steps in order to define, create and truly live the life they desire. www.LivingInspiredCoaching.com

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