It’s true – only 20% of people actually achieve their true potential.  Yikes! What is it that keeps most of us from living life to our fullest?  In a word – it’s sabotage – more specifically, self-sabotage. That’s the bad news, but the good news is you don’t have to settle for being lumped into that 80%!

All you need is to have the desire to recognize the thoughts and behaviors that sabotage you, understand why your inner critic (that nasty judge in your head telling you all sorts of disempowering things) is so powerful and then begin practicing kicking it to the curb so you can begin to listen to that wise Sage in your head instead.  Your Judge and its accomplice saboteurs are tricky little stinkers; but we now know many practical, useful and effective ways to boot it out so you can start living a more peaceful, joyful and rewarding life. 

When you learn this, your important relationships improve (starting with the relationship with yourself!) you can bust out of old patterns that often keep repeating and you begin to move forward, achieve your goals, desires and find much more fulfillment and tranquility in everyday life.  For me, it was a no-brainer! I couldn’t wait to dig in.  You don’t even have to want to chase or achieve goals; you don’t have to want to reach your highest potential; all you have to want is to live more peacefully, more joyfully and with more ease and grace.  

Are you in? 

Good!  You’ll be so glad and even amazed at what you learn and what you can share with friends and loved ones so they can find more peace, ease and joy as well. 

First, the basics…it’s important to recognize that your mind can be your best friend but can also be your worst enemy. It’s those undetected saboteurs or judges in your mind cause most of your setbacks without you even being aware.  Our Judge keeps us stuck in old patterns, beliefs and circumstances that don’t serve us. In fact, they tremendously disempower us and keep us from easily making the changes we desire in our lives.

Our Judge has several “accomplices”…you might recognize them: the People Pleaser, the Avoider, the Controller, the Hyper-vigilant…and so on.  Yes, we can boot them out of the driver’s seat of life!

Would you like to learn tools and techniques to help you truly shift the balance of power in your brain from your saboteurs to your Sage?  It’s a game changer that results in arresting your self-sabotage habits and instead puts your wise self in charge of your life creating so much more peace, joy, happiness which of course creates much more ease in achieving your goals and desires!  I’m teaching these techniques to anyone who wants to live with more ease, happiness and enjoy better relationships. More details to follow. Let’s talk!

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About the Author

Linda Mitchell, Board Certified Professional Coach, Reinvention Expert and founder of  Linda Mitchell Coaching and Healing has been coaching and practicing for over 20 years operating from a deep desire to help people move through life’s challenges and transitions with more ease and grace, less anxiety and stress. Her unique “Reinvention Program” helps people who are stuck, in pain or ready for change to reclaim balance, better health and gain clarity on their next meaningful role with more purpose, fulfillment confidence and Ease.

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