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Welcome to E.M.A.S.

Excelling in Managing Anxiety and Stress

Welcome to a new way to live each day with more joy, ease and less stress and strife!

Just because we are emerging from the pandemic (yay!) does not mean that normal everyday stress goes away. We are still faced with the same stressful situations at home and at work. If you’re ready to feel more in control, less stressed, experience less anxiety and feel more peaceful with a more positive outlook, you’re in the right place!

We’ll meet on a private zoom link once a week. Everything will be recorded strictly for members in case you can’t attend live. Each week I teach a proven method to help you feel more in control of your stress and anxiety. These methods have been scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, fear, worry and the like. I have used them for over a decade now both personally and professionally, with clients, friends and family with so much positive feedback and reports of people feeling so much better!

I am once again offering 1 private coaching session to everyone registered so you get personalized instruction and attention to your specific needs and challenges. You get weekly teachings and practice of the methods, AND an opportunity for private 1 on 1 coaching. It’s a most informative, inspiring, enjoyable and beneficial program that will leave you with powerful tools you can use for a lifetime.

Please contact me to schedule your private coaching. Information on how to access the live weekly meetings is below.

You also get access to my members dashboard with additional resources to support you on your journey. Use the menu link above to access the members dashboard.

Welcome, I am honored and delighted to work with you to create a feeling of ease, peace and joy in your life!

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Live Meetings

Access Live Member Meetings Below

We will meet once a week on Zoom. Each week I will teach a proven method to help you feel in more control of your stress and anxiety. Meetings will be recorded if you can’t attend live.

Zoom Meeting ID:  875 2136 2799

Passcode:  1119111

Use the link below to access the live zoom meeting.

Meeting Dates and Times

Add these dates and times to your calendar:

  • Saturday       October   1   9:30am
  • Saturday       October   8   9:30am
  • Saturday       October  15  9:30am
  • Wednesday  October  19  7:30pm
  • Wednesday  October  26  7:30pm

                                   (All times EST)

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Meeting Recordings

Watch recordings from previous meetings below

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Bonus Resources

Click to download files

EMAS Workbook

My 3 Daily WINS for Healing
The Power of Guided Visualizations for EMAS
     Anxiety Symptoms & Solutions Worksheet
 Beliefs Results 
Flow Chart
     Meditation Tips for Ease &                           Consistency  
Daily Affirmations

Rewire Your Brain For Success

3 Steps to Creating Marvelous Mornings
Creating Morning Success Routine Article
Highlighting Ways To De-stress

3 Steps to Believe

Overcome Anxiety Deep Breaths

EFT Tapping Points
Meditation Resources
Guided Visualizations

How to Start Your Meditation Practice
Meditation For Lowering Anxiety and Stress

Zazen Breath Awareness Meditation Instructions

Pema Chodron Quote on Meditating
Day 3 "The Work" Resources
Instructions for Doing The Work
The Work Part 2

One Belief

The 4 Q’s

Judge Your Neighbor

Day 5 Energy Medicine Resources

Energy Medicine Images
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