Are you stuck in an unending loop of to-do lists and mandatory activity and it seems like you can never catch up?

Do you feel the need to be and do more?

Do you believe achieving success has to be hard?

That success comes only at a high price or with great sacrifice?

Many of us go through life this way. What if these beliefs are simply old thoughts, feelings, and conditioning that you bought into long ago that don’t serve you today?

These are learned beliefs, formed from messages we received in early experiences, circumstances and relationships. Believing success has to be a struggle, maybe time for some, but it doesn’t have to be true for you!

If you resonate with any of this, it may be time to reevaluate and update your belief system. After many years of struggling, I discovered I, too, was operating from a set of old, limiting beliefs that created great strife. I was holding on to beliefs that were obviously not in alignment with who I had become. Releasing old beliefs that no longer serve you is not just empowering, it creates freedom, ease, and the peace of knowing you’re finally in alignment with your true self. It’s a discovery process that up-levels your attitude and creates space for blessings, and new, uplifting, and enjoyable experiences.

 It allows you to step into who you came here to be!

  • What would your life be like if you released old beliefs and created a new truth for yourself?
  • What if your new truth was that achieving success can be fun, easier than ever before, and in alignment with your divine life plan?

When things we pursue come with ease, grace, inspiration, and a gentle, natural unfolding, we’re in alignment with our divine life plan. Conversely, when we’re in a place of resistance, stress, overwhelm, and constant pushing, we’re out of alignment with our divine life plan and when feeling stuck. We’re addicted to the struggle when we become comfortable in our discomfort. We don’t believe we can have success and still give time and energy to the joyful, easy parts of our lives.

Stop collecting evidence to support your old ideas, circumstances, and experiences, and instead begin to collect evidence to support your new empowering thoughts! When you do, you’ll be able to receive and even embody new ideas that support what you want in life. It’s a worthwhile endeavor that’s very empowering and leads to a successful life with less overwhelm and greater ease, peace, and fun!

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About the Author

Linda Mitchell, Board Certified Professional Coach, Reinvention Expert and founder of  Linda Mitchell Coaching and Healing has been coaching and practicing for over 20 years operating from a deep desire to help people move through life’s challenges and transitions with more ease and grace, less anxiety and stress. Her unique “Reinvention Program” helps people who are stuck, in pain or ready for change to reclaim balance, better health and gain clarity on their next meaningful role with more purpose, fulfillment confidence and Ease.

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